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For fans of: Portico Quartett, Floating Points, Jon Hassell, Ryuichi Sakamoto Tracklist A1. Haut (4:13) A2. Ahonk (5:03) A3. They still play (4:22) B1. Andalu (5:20) B2. Dark Phase I (3:28) B3. Dark Phase II (3:56) Key Selling Points Ralph Heidel is one of the young musicians that represent the spirit of Berlin’s new musical ecleticism better than others. He is part of the avantgarde circles that mix modern jazz and contemporary classical music with elements of new electronica and experimental ambient music. This is the vibe of Germany’s next generation. Heidel creates a sonic universe that is unique. He takes the listener into a deep, atmospheric travel that stimulates emotions and feelings on a different level. Heidel brings together two worlds: what he learned at Musikhochschule München, Germany’s leading academy for classical music where he studied saxophon and composition and the moods happening in Germany’s new electronic circles. On „Relief“ Heidel created six songs. Except one, all of them are instrumental music. Partly composed and often improvised these sounds take the listener into Heidel’s specific sonic universe. Raw beat structures, emotive horn lines, strong harmonical tensions and dramatic build ups. Heidel’s signature sound. In fact Heidel is a multiple influenced artist with a strong personality that absorbs whats around him, connects it with his own wide artistic knowledge and fullfills it into magical musical moments. Relief is the next step in what could become a longtime artistic career. After a (very composed) debut album for string quartet and rhythm section for Kryptox (Moments of Resonance 2019), it was important for Heidel, to process current feelings of daily life. Not just his cultural learnings, but also emotions connected to the hard COVID times and a lot of personal experiences. Relief are six abstract, distorted patterns. Long deep transitions that lead into euphoric parts of sonic greatness. Heidel’s s

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