“L'eau Repousse Les Feux Agressifs (ltd 4”

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Transparent Vinyl , LImited to 75 Tracklist A1 - Varg & Croatian Amor - Bully A2 - UFO95 - Naturbath B1 - Anetha - Free Britney B2 - Tommy Holohan - Iced out 3D C1 - X-Coast - Mutations C2 - EMMA Dj - Extremely urgent D1 - Less Distress - Ambivalent Nature D2 - Sugar - Days Grown Old E1 - ABSL - Crayons de couleurs E2 - Quest?onmarc - Waterbender (homage to stolen ancestors) F1 - Ryan James Ford - Snake Bitter F2 - Isabelle - Impresia G1 - Le Dom - Dodge G2 - FAKETHIAS - Snute H1 - Rhys Jelson - The birds sand but she just spoke H2 - Jardin & Certain Smith - 5th Generation Release Info: IT’S RAINING TRACKS : After three successful collaborative releases on Mama Told Ya over the past few months, Anetha quenches our unquenchable thirst with MTY-EAU, a brand new compilation: 4 vinyls, 16 tracks, 18 artists - one madly diluvian project featuring Varg and Croatian Amor, UFO95, Anetha, Tommy Holohan, X-Coast , EMMA DJ, Less Distress, Sugar, ABSL, Quest?Onmarc , Ryan James Ford, ISAbella Le Dom, FAKETHIAS, Rhys Jelson, Jardin and Certain Smith Entitled “L’eau repousse les feux agressifs", it will be the first of a series around the four elements. Source of inspiration, Water teaches us acceptance. It completely flows in this first opus, as into the spirits - in “quarantine” at that time - of the guest artists. No sluices, zero dams and a lot of free time, the opportunity to dare more… experimental streams. Mama Told Ya is therefore innovating, although there is some for all tastes in each and every vinyl: torrent of fast disjoncted techno, cloudburst of acid, trance and hyper-saturation, downpour of experimental or even electronic-rap vocoder…. RAIN. ON. ME.! To be savoured chilled at home or boiling, in a club. The artwork has this time been entrusted to visual artist Karin Kimel, who delivers a version of the world through an aquatic 3D prism in which only the fragments of a boiling underwater volcano remain. With a profoundly dramatic intr

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