“Ache’ (2lp, 180g, Dbl Gf)”

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180 gram dbl gatefold TRACKLIST: Side One 01 underSTANDING 2:48 02 Positiv’ly 4:11 03 Open Doors 3:15 Side Two 04 Community 3:19 05 Joffy’s Funk 4:08 06 Comin’ Around 4:15 Side Three 07 Same Same… 3:37 08 Comfort & Desire 3:18 09 Serotonin 4:59 Side Four 10 Flowers Bloom 4:08 11 Poh’s Devotion 1:37 12 Solitude 5:08 RELEASE INFO: Aché is “the primordial, mystical energy that exists in the universe and permeates everything in it… Aché is everything: divine grace, knowledge, authority, wisdom, and the inherited experience of all those who went before.” It is in this force that Yoruba Soul Records is proud to present the brand new solo album by Osunlade. In the time since his last full-length (2014’s Peacock), Osunlade has continued to rock parties all over the world, overseeing releases for both Yoruba Records and Yoruba Soul Records, AND still finding time to create music amidst a very busy schedule. “This is the album I dreamt of making…” - Osunlade Recorded in his hometown of St. Louis, USA and spiritual home of Santorini, Greece, Aché is the continued evolution of Osunlade as songwriter, arranger, and producer. It’s all here. The seeds of minimalist electronic funk Osunlade began to sow on albums such as Peacock and Rebirth are now in full bloom with the album opener, “Positiv’ly”. Featuring a subtle, almost avant-garde performance by Yoruba Records’ very own Quetzal Guerrero on violin, this groove will have you confused on whether to listen to this sitting down with some headphones or blasting it through your best speakers while you dance. “Open Doors” is Osunlade at his funkiest. Starting with a drum break reminiscent of the J Dilla produced Q-Tip single “Let’s Ride” and accompanied by a killer rolling bass line, the song speaks on finding yourself and letting your truth carry you to your highest self. “Community” is a float-like groove, with a guitar motif that both soothes and encourages a beautifully urgen

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