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“Innercity Griots (2lp)”

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Territories: Worldwide no restrictions Format Notes: 2021 double vinyl re-issue, 140g vinyl, includes “Pure Thought” bonus track from the original CD version, original picture sleeve and printed inner sleeves based on the original one. Track List: A* : Blood (1:08) A1 : Bullies Of The Block (4:55) A2 : Everything’s Everything (3:47) A3 : Shammy’s (4:16) A** : Heat Mizer (1:08) B1 : Six Tray (4:39) B2 : Danger (3:58) B3 : Inner City Boundaries (4:39) B* : Bomb Zombies (1:06) C1 : Cornbread (4:21) C2 : Way Cool (4:22) C3 : Hot Potato (4:30) C4 : Mary (3:45) C5 : Park Bench People (4:59) D1 : Heavyweights (6:11) D* : Tolerate (1:01) D2 : Respect Due (3:53) D3 : Pure Thought (3:14) Release Notes (Short Version): Innercity Griots, the second album from Freestyle Fellowship, is perhaps *the* essential West Coast left-field rap album of the early ’90s. Released in 1993 on 4th & Broadway, it’s a towering, progressive hip-hop masterpiece that expanded rap’s boundaries through lyrical elevation and production innovation. Their talent was ahead of everybody else by light years. This is pure b-boy jazz. The original single vinyl LP is now hideously scarce, and of course the sound suffers from not being officially released as a double. This Be With re-issue fixes both problems, and for completeness also includes “Pure Thought” from the CD version of the album. This incredible display of imaginative hip-hop sounds better than ever. Freestyle Fellowship were some of the earliest technically dazzling rappers to come out of California. Mikah 9, P.E.A.C.E., Aceyalone and Self Jupiter - along with DJ Kiilu - forged their famed lyrical dexterity in the ultra-competitive crucible of the Good Life Cafe. Founded in Leimert Park, South Central LA in December 1989, this earthy health-food store and cafe was where the city’s finest microphone fiends would gather to showcase their freestyle skills at the Thursday night open-mic. Innercity Griots has been described as the Rose

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