J. Walker

“Spectra! (lp)”

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Genre: Library/Electronic Tracklist: 01. Acne Dusk (02:40) 02. Resentment Rose (03:45) 03. Salmon (03:31) 04. Burnt Orange (03:32) 05. Amber (2:44) 06. Metallic Spit / Silver Place (4:12) 07. Chalk Apple (3:23) 08. Basted Salami (3:10) 09. Stainless Steel (3.04) 10. Eggplant (02:04) 11. Radiant Orchard (3:34) 12. Crimson (3:14) Short Info: Spectra! represents a lone, anomaly release by illusive producer and recording artist J. Walker of Perth, Western Australia. Recorded and produced in 2016, Spectra! comprises a collection of 12 instrumental works composed in response to an imagined brief investigating the refined shades and pigments of colour. Whilst stylistically somewhat comparable to library music recordings from Europe released throughout the 1980ís, Walkerís compositions never step too closely toward facsimile. Instead, they maintain a unique sense of identity, one closer akin to a born-too-late contemporary interpretation of the sentimentality and lost moods that allowed library music itís point of difference and charm in the first place. Unlike many modern artists who flirt with the past, Walker isnít concerned with carbon copying the sound palate and tape hiss of yesterday. In these works, antecedent emotional and harmonic bodies are given new life and form by means of modern studio hardware, musical equipment and compositional techniques. Recommended for fans of the Coloursound Library and JoŽl Vaandroogenbroeck.

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