Richie Hawtin Aka. Robotman

“Hypnofreak/steve Bug &michael Mayer Mxs.”

PFR16 scanZoom inLabelPoker Flat
Cat. No.PFR16
Orders fromSun, 08 Jul 2001
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Different than the recent MINUS release, this poker flat includes 3 NEW mixes (even STEVE BUG’s mix is different than the one on minus). acid hopuse classic robotman project resurfaces with a 2001 tune up by old school beliver STEVE BUG!! originally released in 1993 on DEFINITIVE and produced by RICHIE HAWTIN steve’s mix brings up the bass and pulls outht ecatchy pulse of a melody while adding his own trademark dub sound. also KOMPAKT’s MICHAEL MAYER and RICHIE HAWTIN spice it up with their approved, own recipes - straight kicking, unbelievably elusive reworks that add up to one of 2001’s essential techno packages!! READY TO SHIP!!!

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