Dark Star Safari

“Walk Through Lightly (lp)”

AMEL-LP721 scanZoom inLabelArjunamusic Records
Cat. No.AMEL-LP721
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Special remarks : Vinyl + Downloadcode Genre: Alternative - Ambient Tracklist LP: 1 Patria 3.53 - 2 Life Stand Still 4.18 - 3 Portraits of You 3.35 - 4 Measured Response 4.26 - 5 Father’s Day 4.21 - 6 Invocation 3.54 - 7 Murmuration 4.04 8 Passover 4.25 - 9 Disembodied 3.43 10 Walk Through Lightly 3.40 Total time: 40.24 Short Info: Press release by Thomas Bey William Bailey Dark Star Safari is a musical entity comprised of Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset, Samuel Rohrer and John Derek Bishop. Their second fulllength offering Walk Through Lightly is the first to feature all five musicians together in the studio from the outset, making for a more organic refinement upon their already established methodology: gradually sculpting distinct songs out of collective improvisations, or using the raw material from initial recordings as the basis for more carefully articulated compositions. The final mix is one that invites few stylistic comparisons to other musical peers, and in fact few comparisons to existing genres. Though this second offering from the project is frosted over with a Scandinavian sense of spatiality and melancholy, it’s best listened to without considering any origin points, geographic or otherwise: from the opening moments of “Walk Through Lightly,” listeners will feel as if teleported directly into the middle of an enigmatic film-in-progress. The album opener immediately and successfully sets the table for what is to follow. The electronic and acoustic instrumentation is pensive, but not passive, with restrained scrapes and stridulations in the background combining with backwards-looped passages and perlescent or granulated sound effects to better emphasize the carefully arranged latticework of guitar, percussion, strings, and bass. In some places, such as on “Father’s Day” and “Measured Response,” the silences or breaths between passages are pronounced enough to be an instrument in their own right (and an elegant confirmation of the fa

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