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“Arts V (5x12")” | “Hard Pvc Sleeve / Incl. 2 Posters”

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Tracklisting: A1 ASC - Stasis A2 Boston 168 - Psy Waves B1 Unbalance - Not Me B2 Cleric - Integrate C1 Dustin Zahn - You And Me C2 Emmanuel - Bride Of Quietness D1 Farceb - Hydrain D2 Forward Strategy Group - Lovejoy E1 I Hate Models - Izanami E2 Introversion - Utopic F1 Jeff Rushin - I Just Don’t Care F2 Jeanne - Through Me You Enter The Abdoe Of Woe G1 KAS:ST - Behind The Door G2 Judas - Unsaid IX H1 Keith Carnal - Justified Means H2 Kitkatone - Combover I1 Shlømo - XV3 I2 Subjected - Sequential Switch J1 Truncate - Swerve J2 Dead Fader - Let Go Release Note: Five years in the making, label boss Emmanuel aimed to deliver what for him was the very best selection of artists and people he could ever imagine in one single roof. We have repacked and redesigned our very first compilation after the great first run. 20 artists, 5 records, 1 box. The Box is a meticulous work of one entire year, every artist of the 20 selected delivered something that connects deeply with the label and the reason why they are part of it. The study goes beyond when artists get different colors of palettes and a different surface to paint, their known soundscapes come with something freer than the usual approach that they did in their singles. This is a pinnacle for a label that always placed music in front of everything but kept the design and the aesthetics on a top-level each release, each year. ARTS V.

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