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“Hybr:id (lp)”

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Track list LP: A1. HYbr:ID oval hadron I (0:02:40) A2. HYbr:ID oval hadron II (0:04:48) A3. HYbr:ID oval blackhole (0:07:29) A4. HYbr:ID oval random (0:02:59) A5. HYbr:ID oval spin (0:07:08) B1. HYbr:ID oval asimoo (0:05:26) B2. HYbr:ID oval collider (0:06:19) B3. HYbr:ID oval p-dance (0:04:16) B4. HYbr:ID oval noise (0:04:00) Release Info: HYbr:ID Vol. 1 is the first installment of a new series of Alva Notoís works bringing together heterogeneous composition methods. HYbr:ID Vol. 1 captures the music commissioned for the score of ĎOvalí, the choreographic piece directed by Richard Siegal and performed by the Staatsballett Berlin at the Berlin State Opera in 2019. The process of creating HYbr:ID Vol. 1 was defined by the search for a form to bind astrophysics phenomena, fiction, and performance movements. Its narrative is inspired by cinematic visual techniques and static images portraying scientific events which also inspired the titles of the nine compositions. The music possesses a dilated rhythmic base contributing to the images of gravity and spatiality. At points static is used with an ornate, delicate intricacy. The albumís sonic spectrum builds with deep sub-bass, gloomy sonics, spacious sound design, and inorganic ambiance that is gently coerced with artistic finesse. The nine compositions are accompanied by graphic notations informed by the albumís sonic and acoustic codes. HYbr:ID Vol. 1 will be released digitally as well as a limited edition vinyl and CD. Album art designed by Carsten Nicolai / Nibo Mastering by Bo @ Calyx

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