Dj Quik

“Rhythm-al-ism (2lp)”

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Territories: Worldwide no restrictions Format Notes: 2022 re-issue, 140g double vinyl, original picture sleeve and insert Track List: 1 A1 : Rhythm-al-ism (Intro) (1:40) 2 A2 : We Still Party (5:13) 3 A3 : So Many Wayz (5:41) 4 A4 : Hand In Hand (4:18) 5 B1 : Down, Down, Down (4:43) 6 B2 : You’z a Ganxta (4:22) 7 B3 : I Useta Know Her (3:50) 8 B4 : No Doubt (4:12) 9 C1 : Speed (3:21) 10 C2 : Whateva U Do (7:47) 11 C3 : Thinkin’ Bout U (4:05) 12 C4 : EL’s Interlude (4:05) 13 D1 : Medley For A “V” (The P***y Medley) (6:27) 14 D2 : Bombudd II (2:59) 15 D3 : Get 2Getha Again (4:41) 16 D4 : Reprise (Medley For A “V”) (2:39) Release Notes: DJ Quik is a giant of West Coast hip-hop. With his fourth album Rhythm-Al-Ism he created his masterpiece, a perfect hip-hop album. As Quik explains, “the name Rhythm-Al-Ism alone tells you what I was doing. I was mixing up rhythms. I was meshing R&B with hip-hop and jazz. And a little bit of comedy”. It’s absolutely sensational and as with a lot of mid-90s albums those original vinyl copies are now rare so here’s the Be With re-issue. A preternaturally gifted producer/rapper, DJ Quik has produced scores of LA gangsta rap classics. He’s released platinum and gold records of his own, as well as helped craft them for the likes of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre. Quik has always been quirkier and more interesting than his gangsta rap peers, both musically and lyrically. An old-school funk producer at heart, he’s also incredibly nice on the mic. His raps often deal in boasts, jokes and good times but also cover his beefs, his trials and his trauma. Partying and pain, all mixed up. DJing and producing hype beat tapes from age 14, Quik’s tracks blended the languid funk and rubbery synths of Zapp and George Clinton with a gangsta aesthetic, creating a more danceable foil to Compton’s more typical nihilistic hedonism. Ultimately, his records sound custom engineered to drift out over sun-soaked barb

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