Tom Smeyers

“Paradise For The Restless Souls”

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“Tom Smeyers is interpreting his visit downtown with the exceptionally exotic peak-and/or daytime breakbeat banger “Lagunacid” plus a deep and mellow burner for club use by midnight “After Dark".” 129792;"Limited edition of 500 copies on ‘milky’ clear vinyl. Mannequin Records is elated to introduce you a brand new album by Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. (Love, Fist, Tears) - one of the hottest electro/wave names around the globe. The Hamburg-based producer is obviously one of the resident artists at Golden Pudel Club, being blessed by a collaborative friendship with the mighty Helena Hauff (go check their b2b on Hör radio for the definitive Electro music set), and also running also the label ‘Neoprimitive’ with Lukas, focusing mostly on experimental music. Pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic with an extensive use of lo-fi technology, over compressed drum machines and tapes, over the last two years L.F.T. has released several records on different labels like Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder and Elena Colombi’s Osaré Editions Endorsing a distinctive contemporary sound, ‘Salz’ is moving forward to an highly authentic mixture of electro and synthwave, with a lo-fi analog power blended all over his tracks, somewhere between Liaisons Dangereuses, I-F and Bakterielle Infektion, bringing us back - and fresh as never before - the amazing early days of CBS Radio - now Intergalactic Fm.

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