“Inbach Vol. 2 (cd)”

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CD - Territory: WORLD EX France Tracklist CD: 01_Doxa Notes (feat. Myra Davies) - 05:27 02_Fabula (feat. Scalde) - 04:38 03_Capriccio - 03:16 04_Præludium - 03:23 05_Sonatina (Spring Quartet Version) (feat. Thomas Bloch) - 02:54 06_Nos Contours (feat. Ornette) - 05:03 07_Invention 1 - 01:15 08_Octobre - 03:35 09_Bluette (In Muta Musica Version) (feat. Thomas Bloch)- 03:16 10_Invention n°5 - 01:53 11_Concerto For No Keyboard - 03:42 12_Myriade (feat. Bridget St. John) - 04:21 Short Info: Sharing his InBach album with the world in 2020 set events into motion that ultimately led to Arandel making second edition in the critically acclaimed, borderless project that unites rare instruments, musical reimanigation. Arandel unites once again behind the musical phrases of the Leipzig composer specialists of ancient and modern instruments (Thomas Bloch), modern synthesizers and moogs, strings experts (Gaspar Claus), and the poetic spoken word of Myra Davies and Bridget St.John. Textextext - (add your write up) “There is a Bach for everyone” Arandel says, “and that discovery is what led me here, to InBach". Beneath the intricate history, the godlike adoration placed upon Bach, he was a playful musician, an eclectic one even. And so, a full year after the release of the first InBach record on InFiné, there is enough material to make a second one. “There is so much about Bach I didn’t even know when making the first one - but after the release, people kept coming to me, telling me about certain pieces I should listen to or rework; songs that I had never even heard of.” The second InBach grew like a garden from the seeds of the first one - an eclectic journey through melodic fantasies, intricate sound design and a certain Pop silver lining. Some tracks were born out of Arandel’s band performing on stage, experimenting with the songs live and composing them anew, like “Nos Contours", a new, French-lyrics version of Bodyline with Ornette, A

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