“He Big Bang / No Boundaries (1994/95)”

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Following on from the success of our ‘Liftin Spirit Reloaded’ vinyl series, we are pleased to announce our next project in collaboration with Ram Records. ‘Ram Reloaded’ will be a series of limited 12″ vinyl from Ram’s early years, re-mastered from the original DATs and presented onto our usual, high quality, heavy weight vinyl. In 1994, Ant invited Flatliner over to the studio being one of many local DJ’s that orbited the Ram HQ in Hornchurch. In just a day, the pair created one of the most celebrated tear ups on the label so far in the form of ‘The Big Bang’. The track broke the mould of what had come before, with dual oscillating detuned sine basses and heavily time-stretched Amen chops. The breakdown also featured one of the most emotion ladened pad sections that balanced up the track, gaining the respect and adoration of the masses and fellow producers alike. Ant and Flatliner went on a major tangent and flipped the script to focus on a more rolling heads down vibe for ‘No Boundaries’. An anthem of the AWOL club, the slow time-stretched vocal and haunting melodies cemented the 12″ as one of the most successful on the Ram label since ‘Valley of the Shadows’. A year on, Ant Miles under his alter ego as Liftin Spirits, loaded up the parts and began to chop the strings and pads creating a more sinister and darker sounding remix of ‘The Big Bang’. To complete the remix 12″, Andy & Ant loaded up the parts for ‘No Boundaries’ and went to work under their prolific ‘Origin Unknown’ alias. Accentuating all the original ideas and taking them further into a full on roller vibe, with their usual precision tooled breaks and pounding bass lines. Promotion across chosen internet websites and Hardcore/Jungle 12″ vinyl communities.

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