Double Geography


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File Under: Ambient Trip / Contemplative Synth Tracklisting: A1 Flight 1 A2 Flight 7 B1 Flight 9 B2 Flight 17 Release Info: Let’s face it, no one really knows where they’re going, so the best we can do is enjoy the ride - a sentiment captured perfectly by the high altitude ambient of ‘Flights’, Double Geography’s new release on the Growing Bin. Embracing the unpredictable, Duncan Thornley married melodic fragments with semi-generative computer process and random filter interactions, an aleatory approach to music therapy during the existential funk of the first Lockdown. The unhurried melodies, weightless within plumes of reverb and delay, conjure the feeling of long distance air travel with All Nippon - that pensive delirium stimulated by varying air pressure, broken sleep and the most welcome pause in your everyday life. Remote snippets of news reports, street noise and conversation, plundered from cassette dictaphone and a Spanish language tape the artist found in the loft sit low in the mix, the barely audible sound of the pilot and passenger, extras in your everyday experience. Contemplative and comforting, ‘Flights’ is a gentle reminder to be present, delivered with a rare beauty.

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