Jakob Lindhagen / Dag Rosenqvist


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Stadsbilder ("City Images") is the first collaborative album between Swedish musicians Jakob Lindhagen and Dag Rosenqvist. The composers have both made names for themselves within the contemporary music scene - Jakob as an award-winning film composer with solo music streamed in the millions on digital platforms, and Dag as a highly prolific musician and sound artist, having over 50 releases over the last 15 years in a vast array of constellations, both solo works and as part of the duo From The Mouth Of The Sun, as well as film composing and music for dance performances. The music on Stadsbilder intertwines layers of organic and electronic sounds, with minimal piano melodies meeting vintage synthesizers, found sounds,harmonium, banjo, kantele, Fender Rhodes and saxophone, as well as cello (played by Sebastian Selke of CEEYS).

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