Wolfgang Tillmans

“Moon In Earthight (lp)”

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CD - Debut album by Wolfgang Tillmans. CD and Vinyl designed by the artist. GENRE: Electronic Pop Abstract TRACKLISTS: CD / Vinyl Celloloop / More That Connects Us Rain Gutter Fourth Floor Nairobi Traffic Light Possibility / Kardio Loop (a) Stonerella Don’t Kill It By Naming It Insanely Alive El Condor Pasa Kardio Loop (b) Can’t Escape into Space Kardio Loop © Celloloop / Stronger Than This Im Treppenhaus (a) Late For The Webinar Kardio Loop (d) Kantine Ocean Walk Give Me A Shadow SHORT INFO: Moon in Earthlight describes the phenomenon one can see in the first few days after a New Moon, when the slim crescent of the moon is completed into a full circle by a faint light that is not lit by sunlight but by the light reflected from Earth. It is also the apt title for the first album from an artist whose first love was astronomy. After 6 EPs over the course of 5 years, Wolfgang Tillmans now releases his first album, Moon in Earthlight, a singularly plural 53-minute piece comprised of 19 tracks. Opening with more that connects us than divides us, ‘Celloloop / More That Connects Us’, a looped cello sets out a discursive path for a bright keyed melody to flirt with while the sounds of the organ and synthesizer build their supporting roles, all along a bouncing four-to-the-floor beat punctuated with bright electronic chimes and the rhythmic tempo of a shaker. The invitation is hard to resist as a yearning voice opens up to let us know he’s left his “place in security.” And, “you’re shining … All the way down to this glittering place … you’re shining.” Where voices and laughter are then overheard in the background of another field recording sounding water dripping from a ‘Rain Gutter’ later caught by the soft, warm rhythmic bounce between two synth notes on ‘Fourth Floor’ where chime-like and percussive timbres resonate from the metal tine keys of the kalimba creating a meditative acuity, which Tillmans peppers with ar

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