Teriyuki Kurihara

“Frozen Dust (2lp)”

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2LP Genre: Electronics, Ambient, Glitch Tracklist : Coin Trap Down Blurry Wind Foggy Glide D-W Krgecr-A09 Frozen Dust Lost 1krgec-A34+gt Short Info: “Frozen Dust” is an album unified by the theme of “destruction” and “creation". Inspired by the power of nature; we’ve expressed how we humans overcome the magnificent phenomena and impacts nature has on us - while it brings us joy, it can sometimes take away our lives and pleasures, We’ve incorporated this rather difficult theme by telling stories of fictional characters in the album; an adventurer in the Arctic region who confronts the threat of nature and survives between life and death, or a widow who never eases the pain of losing her sailor husband by a great storm in the Age of Discovery. “Frozen Dust” is our manifestation of destruction and creation and each sound brings you the essence of it.

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