“Alter- (2lp)”

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Genre: Electronics,, Glitch Tracklist: Alter-Rate 8 Alter-Rate 3 Alter-Scape 6 Alter-Rate 2 Alter-Rate7 Alter-Scape3 Alter-Rate 6 Alter-Rate 9 Alter-Scape4 Alter-Rate 1 Alter-Scape 6 Alter-Scape7 Short Info: ALTER- : A REACTION TO THE ALTERMODERNISM IN SOUND ART For the Automatisme - Alter- album. I am inspired by how the art historian Nicolas Bourriaud defines the Altermodernism. Bourriaud understands the term “Alter” as a way to mean “other". The altermodernism would be another modernity that is different from the avant-garde modernism and post-modernism. More precisely, this is a new paradigm from the XXIe century with alternative ways to motivate artists to be more radical in art by traveling in the physical and digital world, by cutting the frontiers and by creating other time lines. I apply the “alter” subject to time and to landscape and those, to the rhythmic and the ambient glitch music

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