Orbit Starz

“Undefined Emotionz”

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Cat. No.PFR18
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The story of this record sounds like a fairy tale: SASA GRANDIC and MARCO RIEMANN - two local dj’s from laar producing for 4 years now - approached STEVE BUG with one of their accetates when POKER FLAT label head played a gig in their neighborhood. first steve didnt really consider to play the dubplate but when he gave it a quick check he was amazed by what he heard, dropped it right away and - after hearing with surprise that the guys had no label-deal so far - signed it immediately. this debut 12″ with it’s 3, surprisingly mature cuts prove that steve had just the right instinct: rocking, stripped down electro/techno beats, dubby fx and raw basslines that will soon find a prominent place in the crates of techno and house dj’s alike.NOW IN STOCK!!

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