Steve Bug

“You Make Me Feel”

PFR20 scanZoom inLabelPoker Flat
Cat. No.PFR20
Orders fromWed, 19 Dec 2001
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While the recent, massive pokerflat double-pack with it’s exclusive all-star line-up should still feed the hungriest fans of minimal floorsounds for quite some time, label head STEVE BUG already butters your bread with more bottom-heavy nutrition. slowly but unmistakebly building up a hypnotic groove with a rolling percussion loop, ice-cold snare and hollering vocal (reminscent of gainsbourg’s “bonny and clyde"), BUG will force you flashing your sharpest dancing routines even before he throws in that distorted, take-no-prisoners, saunderson-style organ-bassline. flip over for another version that’s served up straightened-out and stripped down yet still manages to come up with a higher percentage of FUNK. another totally satisfying five star menu for the pokerflat gourmet.

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