Crane Ak

“Tanz Gymnastique”

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Known for their recommended releases on FORCE TRACKS the CRANE A.K. members markus gniech (KNIGGE) and michael friedrich (A.NOV) would define their music as minimal tracks corporating house and techno soundscapes with their own individual trademarks: experimental sound work and relaxed monotony. “tanz gymastique” starts out with a spanking spanking groove made out of sharp electro drums and a classic analogue bassline that seem to head in the direction of the current 80’s trend but instead of throwing in a pop melodie or wave antiques, they come up with reduced bubbling sounds and disharmonic synth pads that take the leading role and push the track forward - very electro-funk! the flipside is fueled by a more bottom/bass-heavy groove with clonking sounds, a sinister string backing and a mixture of whispered spoken word and vocals by JEANNIE PEEL cut up and laced on top - think of luomo but with a darker touch than his recent efforts.

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