Tony Senghore

“This Is It”

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Orders fromThu, 15 Aug 2002
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‘This Is It’ is probably the finest slice of haunted / demonic house you’ll hear this year. Swedish based Tony Senghore has recorded for a number of labels, most notably Paper, Under The Counter, Moody, Brique Rouge, Panhandle and Horehaus under a number of pseudonyms including The Wack Daddies & Disco Duck. The original is a voodoo stricken slice of tough demonic funk fusion, like Basement Jaxx on the set of ‘Live and Let Die’, this is Satan’s fanfare, not for the faint hearted… one time! Tony has also provided a new dub and remix. The remix is a stripped down deeper version for those not wanting to scare the crowd that much, whilst the dub is perfect for the narcotically challenged amongst us. Monster monster!

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