“The Man Who Lived Underground”

MFFLP005 scanZoom inLabelMusic For Freaks
Cat. No.MFFLP005
Orders fromWed, 12 Feb 2003
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The third album ‘The Man Who Lived Underground’ represents a giant leap forward for them Freaks. From the opening salvo of the Diz vocalised ‘The Washing Machine’ (all fractured beats and oddball mechanical funk) and ‘Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?’ (spiky nascent house featuring the sublime vocal talents of long term collaborator Stella Attar) through to the lo-if futuristic Ron Hardy squelch of ‘Fix It’ and the horrorshow electro of ‘The Creeps’, it’s imbued with the spirit of a thousand and one half-remembered nights out. Its sparse, spacious vibrations may speak of an uneasy and sometimes suffocating urban psychosis but ultimately it’s a warm and welcoming experience. ‘Love Hate’’s bass-heavy man machine grit grinds an axe in the direction of DJs and producers who when given the platform to speak out against mediocrity cower under a mass of platitudes. It’s an angry, bold, passionate and defiant piece of work, but a work that never loses sight of the dancefloor or the turntable at home. LIMITED gatefold sleeve 2x vinyl version!

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