Aster Oh

“Consonne Ep”

ASTEROH00 scanZoom inLabelWhite
Orders fromThu, 03 Apr 2003
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For sure a killerrecord with hacked / cutted samples and the shouting rocking groove of a brazen / rude basseline. On (the command) “Give it to me” the sound gives it all, attacks forward with a stereo-twister which would make Akufen’s hair stand to end and popfragments wich are close to a bootleg. (This is ) Supernew disco, setting every dancefloor on fire and at the same time it rocks technology-amatory / -fond. The 2 tracks on the b-side do not rank behind that regarding their method and kick. THIS IS HOW YOU IMAGINE CLUB MUSIC 2003.Hazardous / risky, clever and badly kicking through everything - filtered with the Cut-Up glases but always damned concrete / precise

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