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Get ready for the our new very on label WAS NOT WAS. look no further for the last word in electronic, funk-fueled tech infected metallic deephouse. If you´re into early 20:20 vision,eat the ralph lawson and random factor , favour papermusic´s re:set ,miles&elliot and the boyz, let that pelvis swing to toko´s weekender or favour chris duckenfield on the more rigid tip - WAS NOT WAS wll take care of you. first up comes russians finest - rising talent AN-2 originally hailing from deepest Siberia and now residing in St. Petersburg. Cummunicator ep is a nasty treat. “experience” sets the stakes high: starting out with a solid, yet simple shaking groove, an acidic bassline comes in to raise the wiggle factor, while warm organ sounds push you along gently - beautiful chord progressions and an incredible arsenal of tricky sounds keep your ears busy and your mind twisting. flip over for the electrifying “dynamic” with it’s sharp, slightly techier beats and sharp oldschool strings piercing the ear plus dubby breakdown to catch some breath before those beats will force you to jack even harder. Unbelievable three tracker. Hot stuff from the Cold.

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