Playin' 4 The City

“Backshop, Les Remixes (llorca/ F.roger)”

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Orders fromThu, 28 Aug 2003
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The latest exciting addition to the WAS worldwide exclusive roster is the quickly rising, Paris based TROPISM label. Run by Clément Vaché of the Daphonics records shop TROPISM features the most delicate stuff from the finest french deephouseproducers and from the most interesting new emerging talents alike. Not just limited to house the label is also willing to explore electro ( as the Volga Select remix on the TR01 ) or westlondon sounding broken beats. their biggest release so far by PLAYIN 4 THE CITY’s featured OLIVIER PORTAL’s undisputed keyboard skills mixed with a rawer, more stripped down almost electro sounding background. Two other french biggies now throw down their interpretations on this essential follow-up: FRANK ROGER - the man behind SUN ORCHESTRA - pairs classic, ass-whooping house beats and a creeping analogue bassline with sexy late-night atmospherics such as cut-up vocals and string chords. DISPLAY aka the fantastic LLORCA unleashes a shaking electric funk monster with swinging beats, percussion, massive, anthemic chords and a classic detroit sounding breakdown.

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