Jeff Samuel

“Blap Ep”

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When the electronic funk hits the fan, especially in the midwestern US, it is likely that Jeff Samuel is the man at the controls - dj- as well as production-wise. Born and raised in Cleveland/Ohio it weren‘t - as he always points out - the likes of Tangerine Dream or Skinny Puppy that had a big influence on him, but more the mainstream rock music like KISS, which he could sing along to before he even was able to speak properly. Although you can‘t hear definite rock influences in his quirky, dallying minimalistic tracks, which have been released on labels like Daniel Bell‘s 7th City, Trapez, Lo-Fi Stereo, his unique style of playing around with single elements might e.g. relate to the way a sophisticated guitarist handles his instrument in a solo part. For his first 12“ Release on Poker Flat he provides what can be considered as triple-Aside record. Three tracks of perfect minimal funk, located straight on the border between house-orientated groove and technoid drive, always undulating, moving and hypnotizing the crowd. A sure shot for deejays to be stuck in case for years and a pleasant piece of music for all clubbers and homelisteners.

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