Detroit Grand Pubahs

“The Clapper/ Jesper Dahlbäck Rmx”

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A few months after the Detroit Grand Pubahs introduced their mad definition of motorcitybased Ghettobass/Ghettotech to the Poker Flat family through remixing Märtini Brös. „Hot“ on PFR 34 now is the time for their first 12“, soon to be followed by a full length album shot. „The Clapper“ tells the fantastic story of a lost alien visiting Planet Earth and being introduced to club culture by a girl. The story continues and - as usual when it comes to GhettoTech-lyrics - things get explicit… . Sung with overexaggerated hysteria - imagine 80s funk hero Prince performing on a amphetamine overdose - and accompanied by stomping uptempo ElectroTech-beats the original version on side A is going to be a big one in every set from House to Techno. from Electro(clash) to Bootybar-flavour. On the Flipside we have Jesper Dahlbäck on a remix tip, transfoming the whole track into a stomping, straightforward primetime context. Deskewing the vocals and using hammering metallic drums his interpretation is a primetime-force, a mad different method to set dancefloors on fire, bring up the lighter crew in a rave context and definitely calls for a rewind.

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