Ashley Marlowe

“Staring At Speakers Ep”

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Cat. No.OPTEX006
Orders fromMon, 01 Dec 2003
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The 6th release on the excentric house label OPTIONAL EXTRAS is the first solo outing for some time fromm label boss ASHLEY MARLOWE. as well as being a FADERFLIPPER, Ashley has released numerous records in a variety of styles but his heart has always belonged to deep expressive house music. first up on side a “numbhands” features a driving groove comprising a tough kick and a low down swooping bassline. over this bold backdrop melancholy chords and melodies are layered to complete a track that packs plenty of punches for the floor and plenty of soul for the heart and mind. 2nd track “johnny loathesome/ Winner” builds up a spacious skippy groove with unusual abstract details until beautiful filtered chords and another classic understated melody mutate things into an uplifting gem. over on the flip MARLOWE nods into the direction of the FADERFLIPPER’s more disco-inspired outings featuring bass by the man himself, accompanied by a live scratch guitar- this is a hypnotic punk funk jam with mixing desk manipulation and fx to the fore.

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