“Kommunikation Mit Einmusik”

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“Do you know ein musik?", “What?", “I was asking if you know ein musik…", “What music?", “Well….einmusik.” A typical dialogue overheard somewhere on the Hamburg club circuit. Einmusik is a collaboration between the two DJs Cranque and Unique as well as the producer Nicol. Soon after Cranque and Nicol started to churn out electronic sounds, Cranques DJ partner Unique joined them to form Einmusik. Einmusik’s musical agenda is settled halfway between minimal pop and bombastic techno, firmly sticking to a concept naysayers so easily turn down as Kitsch. Their musical inspirations are sourced from a variety of styles. Cranque and Nicol started throwing parties, spinning D&B in 1996 under the “Timecode” moniker, and were also crossing over to play at parties of Hamburg’s Dial crew. DJ Unique made himself a name as the resident DJ of the “Hamburg Box", where he played Gabber as part of the legendary “Nordcode GmbH". Later on, he became a little more refined and that showed when he played Eighties Trash at Discoboys parties. In Autumn 2001, Cranque and Unique formed a DJ-Team, playing alongside infamous acts like Adamsky, i-f, and Chris Korda just to name a few. Until today, their monthly gala at the Pudel is the place to be for everybody who likes hot, wild, steamy, tight situations. Another residency for these awesome team is at Click club. As the result of 1.5 years of hard studio work they are now releasing their first single. Keep your eyes open for Einmusik, the future looks bright for them…

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