Ivo Deutschmann

“Klick Niveau Ep”

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Ivo Deutschmann is the fresh minimalist Magdeburg answer to Colognes Rumpelkammer! The three tracks on this EP reflect the three important phases of clubbing. Let’s start off with “The Black Hole". A modulated bassline floods your braincells and legcells, making you a slave to the music, partying at prime time! “Spectrometer” is less upfront, somehow retro, yet modern. For the afterhours, the only choice can be “Klick Niveau". The Klick Niveau EP is his solo debut, but you might know him by his former names Sillycon and Wellness on Salyas records. The Remixers… Maru+Comix are the owners of Pocketgame Records, creating quite a stir recently with the “Bonus Level” compilation. Oscar Co-Owner of KarateKlub Records, and responsible for KarateKlub 01 + 02.

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