Fabrizio Mammarella


HAIRY05 scanZoom inLabelHairy Claw
Cat. No.HAIRY05
Orders fromFri, 07 May 2004
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The bear family welcomes it’s latest member FABRIZIO MAMMARELLA from italy whose scorching release leaves no doubt that he’s got impressively sharp claws. his “panorama” is loose disco funk of the rawest kind with flying cymbals and a live drum sound reminiscent of brooklyn’s pioneering P&P productions, a bassline making the highest tower crumble, an abstract latin breakdown that rises the temperature level to almost unbearable before moody detroitish analogue sounds take you somewhere else. more bass-in-yer-face dubaction is provided by MUDD on his Claremont mix: a smoke-out builder that leads into a rootsy percussion jam in the later half. Mammarellas second original production here is “way out": psychedelic, slow motion opiate-funk that’ll mess you’re head neatly.

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