“Taxi Alien/crystal Forest”

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SUNRISE is the outstanding lovely summer project of the in Tokyo living german TORSTEN FELD and the japanese SHINGO SHIBAMOTO aka DR. SHINGO. Shingo made worldwide debut by the single “Have you ever seen the blue comet?” (FORTE RECORDS, DE) including remixes by TAKKYU ISHINO and URAL 13 DIKTATORS. Now Dr.Shingo dropped his new interpretation “Eclipse” as 11 songs full album from TELEVISION released in April 2004. Torsten Feld, co-founder of CROSSMOUNTAIN NIGHTS", an event organisation company, (head office in Tokyo), which is to bring German DJs to Tokyo and working for COCOON TOKYO (Sven Vaeth company). Since August 2003, project name: “SUNRISE". In cooperation with Shingo producing first tracks which will be released as two track 12″ in a wonderful coversleeve, painted by Takeru Amano on Electric Avenue Recordings now: a)Taxi Alien- We were looking for a summertune, and we found it: Fresh outdoor-melody friendly grooving. An un-understandable (german?) male vocal sample and breaks, really pushing the atmosphere…. perfect tune to be played in all different DJ sets! b) Crystal Forest - Deep, lower bpm but still four to the floor kicking track with much space for feelings. Great surround tricks, you’ll enjoy on a good soundsystem. Everything like you feel while seeing a sunrise…

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