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While majors label are mostly hunting the quick buck, underground imprint still know how to spell artists developement. as is the case with the acclaimed HIGHGRADE imprint who shove two more newcomers to the front of the stage with this 12″: Franziskus Sell and Jakob Hildenbrand already honed their skills from an early age on by learning real instruments, playing in bands before getting into production. but no worries: you’re not gonna be treated with endless piano noodlings or bass artistics, this is straight to the point, raw tech-funk as you know and love it from the Highgrade imprint. “slap” really packs quite some punch with the chords cheekily citing a true mullet-head anthem that already pumped Sly up for his brawls in the ring, tweaked 80’s synth snippets cutting sharply in and out, a shrieking vocal sample and this driller of a bassline is set to do some damage too. “emergency whoop” hurts just as good with it’s dissonant, harsh chords and “area 51″ is a relentlessly hard bouncing house workout.

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Anja Schneider 01.05: “Radio Fritz Bln”

Anja Schneider 01.05: “Radio Fritz Bln”

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