Wayne Frost

“Dyslexic ( Duplex 100 Rmx )”

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Orders fromMon, 03 Jan 2005
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“Trenton records” is an electronic music label based in Paris and Berlin… Wayne frost is a Canadian artist from Toronto who lived in NYC for more than 10 years and who’s now settle in Paris. Main track of the EP, Wayne’s style is very “breaky” but we can still hear the minimal music influence in his production… Chopped up vocals samples, old school chords and experimental beat sounds, all which evolve around this killer groove!!! thesecond track has more of a hip-hop flair even if the bpm still pretty “goin”… it starts with a groovy bass line and goes into this amazing disco strings sample!!! Flip over for the first remix version of “Dyslexic” by the funky minimal house producers from Paris DUPLEX 100!!! “Funky”, that’s how you can describe that track… it’s shaking asses and the bass line just brings you all the way back into the Chicago house early days… a dance floor bomb11 Typical ASPRO sounds on his interpretation, old school, nice and smooth… The same analog style with this “stereo sprayed” synth sound which becomes the main riff of the track

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