“False Start/ Schaffhäuser& J. Hodges Rmx”

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The original track “False start” was released on the EP Frankie rec 02. Here are the RMXS!!!! Track a1/ Jason Hodges remix : freaky house with short voices and click sounds…definitely oriented for the dancefloor the track combines very blumpy & catchy sounds and the arrive of an impressive synth. gives it a high intensity …also don’t miss the acid bassline which increases this intensity and gives much more energy… Track a2/ Mehdispoz remix : label owner of ssens records, Mehdispoz pushes the tempo and turns the original track into a tek house way keeping some bleeps of the original he gives here his so personnal approach…with charasteristic percussive and catchy sounds and a melodic original bassline the track evolves constantly with impredictable breaks. Track b1/ Mathias Schaffhäuser remix : label owner of ware records, Mathias gives here his personnal minimal tek bleepy house interpretation characterised by a monster bassline and bleepy sounds…the track evolves constantly until this long break where immerges the original and impredictable melody…the arrive of drums and combination of melodic and bleepy sounds turns the track into a crazy way…we can imagine the dancefloor too!

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