John Tejada & Arian Leviste

“Back For Basics - The Cd Album”

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BACK FOR BASICS is coming and it doesnt disappoin- itīs a real album! John Tejada and Arian Levisteīs first full lengh Collaboration since their remarkable “Fairfax Sake” on german Playhouse in 2003 and maybe altogether their best production to date. The 10 tracks of the CD (8 brand new plus the Recently Released “Psycho Happiness” and “Ghetto Platipus"/Palette 32) flow together like one piece and come on like a highly needed techno lanndmark in the “consesous” retro electro times of 2005. Just check how the nervous feel of “Patterns” gloriously blends with the warm liquidy electronic bliss of “From Empty Words” and back to the energetic “Triad Jack” - sensible intense and tempting for more! Tejada and Leviste’s advanced production technique makes a sound you’ll be hard put to name, right in the sweet spot between house and techno, breaks and 808s, plucked strings and patch cables, edits and immediacy. It’s sunlight and silicon; it’s a breath of fresh air. “I think it’s a pretty strong statement and different to all the things going on. It’s not glitch techno, it’s not 80’s synth crap. it doesn’t sound so many things do these days. we were sort of trying to go for the feeling of the first time you heard “chime” (Orbital) or something like that. going back to what made us feel that way. a timeless sort of thing in the current age of trends.” John Tejada. Sorry, No Exports to Spain

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