Pheek Vs. Vivienne Project


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Pheek vs Vivianne Project is the 11th release on Contexterrior. After the remix EP and the Jay vs the world releases we thought it would be nice to introduce some new names. Pheek is a Canadian producer who released for the likes of Epsilonlab and the net-label Thinner. Pheek also just had a track on the new Minus compilation, and also a track featured on the new telegraph mini comp. The music we liked from him is different for lack of a better term. His tracks are a tight collection of fragments with the kind of quirkiness you come to expect from Contexterrior releases. Dancey, wild and right up in your grill is one way to describe it. Another way is the sound your blender makes when you drop a few knifes inside it….with fat kicks coming from the freezer. To counter the madness we picked a track commissioned by us for our Textone net-label from New York City’s Vivianne Project. The man behind the project is Jesse Siminski who is also known when he is not being careful as Heartthrob. Jesse’s creative ears produced this great track which up until now was only available as an mp3. He dishes out dirty synthesizers, hot sweaty shuffle and a hint of pain… what you can’t take some pain with your dancefloor pleasure? jesse was also featured on the the newest comp from minus as well , oh yeah … it is just a coincidence baby !

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