“The First Cd”

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NON EXCLUSIVE!! Robi Insinna under his Manhead and Headman guises has established a reputation as a one of the hottest new electronic artists out there. Relish is his own label, part of Four Music Productions in Germany, 2005 looks set to be a year when it becomes a label to be reckoned with upcoming works that include David Gilmour Girls, Dennis Young, an E.P. from 3 new exciting Italian Producers, and ofcourse, Manhead. The album is an all rounder, containing melodic tracks for headphone and home listening as well as more uptempo tracks for the club . Tracks are: 1.Show Me The Way 2. Hey Now 3. Doop 4.Sister 5.What? 6. Special 7.Birth, School, Work, Death 8.Aplam 9. Dancer

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