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Orders fromTue, 29 Mar 2005
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New, very own baby by DJ Linus and first real sub label of exun records. L-man records will show the deep, versatile and tripy side of tech house music. With artist lined up as DJ Mouse or Corrie aka Sambal and of course L-man himself! The first one is by none the less than LOUDEAST aka NACHO MARCO. Well known for his great releases on SHINICHI and ODORI and this one proves him again as one of the leading Spanish producers to date. Both sides are typical Balearic sounding with long building arrangements and floating synth works. The original is pumpin` up a heavy b line with several drop ins and outs as the b side is remixed by another big Spanish producer Mr. DJ Grobas - giving the whole track a more deep and spacey approach to it. Big plays by Dave Mothersole on Kiss FM (uk) already! Sorry, no Exports to SPAIN.

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