“Let It Go E.p.”

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One of our favourite finns Jussi-Pekka recorded a slamming EP for Audiomatique! Since his early works have been released on labels like Dessous, Poker Flat and Morris Audio his production schedule is most recently quite busy. He delivered some excellent remixes for quite different projects such as Jens ("Never Be The Same Remixes” (Shallow Cutz)), The Ministers Of Music ("The Funk Miracle” (Chica Discos) and Speaking Trees (Rbone60). He also just started his own label “Frozen North Recordings” with the first release Jussi-Pekka “Harmony". Now Jussi-Pekka is about to release his first EP on Audiomatique, where the forerunner AM04 by Trentemøller took the clubbers hearts by strom. The title track “Let It Go (Don’t Worry) comes in that clear and crisp Jussi-Pekka style, but with the fine acid synths and a punching kick drum it’s maybe a bit more impulsive and punchy than his previous works. We’re entering deeper territories on the flipside. “Distinct Only Within” on B1 is a tight but deep and floating Techno/House track which leads over to “The Yellow Emperor” on B2 with spheric and drifting sounds.

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