“Alma Del Mundo”

THEOM003 scanZoom inLabelTheomatic
Cat. No.THEOM003
Orders fromWed, 25 May 2005
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St.petersburg-based producer extraordinaire AN-2 with another blueprint for deephouse inna 2005: the elegantly gliding laid-back boogie “alma de mundo” is like a refreshing dip into a hot bathtub with a bassline that gently rubs all over your body and synth sounds and melodies bubbling up around you sending soft tickles down your spine. for a quick catwash check the “clear perception” remix on the flip which is more reduced to the percussive beat and aquatic synth chords. “tiempo solar” is a dubbed out slowmo electric disco piece with thick syrupy synth melody for all you lazy discohustlers digging Lindstrom and the likes.

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