John Dahlbäck & Venetjoki (the Beckster)

“Whatcha Wanna Do”

ELO016 scanZoom inLabelEloge House Music
Cat. No.ELO016
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More straight-in-yer-face, party starting funk with a 4/4 beat by those swedish party-animals. THE BECKSTER aka JOHN DAHLBÄCK ain’t holding back his b-boy attitude with the raw, scratch-tastic “watcha wanna do". quite a rhetorical question, cause the only answer can be “PAAARTEY” - something MARTIN VENETJOKI is a world-leading expert in: he manages to quench out even a little more adrenaline by cramming in more latin percussions, headsplitting hi-hats and a wall-smashing bassline. on the flip BECKSTER keeps the high funk dose but injects it into a more electronic, techier beast with forcefull, acidic synthlines made to floor anything that gets in its way. resistance is futile!!

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