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“Split Ep”

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Cat. No.TREN007
Orders fromThu, 09 Jun 2005
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Aphasie is the first track of that record by 3 channels and we can totally get the vibe of the great upcoming young duo’s music… Everything sounds so fresh and right on time! Bongo rhythm but not really… minimal beat but not quiet… house chords but different… A new sound coming straight from Stettin - Poland!!! The inside track is deep… That’s where they are coming from… a deep house sound! Subtle soulful chords with a bass line that just slowly gets in, brings a total other dimension to the tune… all surrounded by clicks and cuts sounds and a solid groove… superb! flip over for two cuts by SLG! It’s like how we want tech-house to be defined by… a techno beat (even though pretty minimal oriented…) with a house groove, the all thing sounds a bit progressive but somehow arranged with great taste!!! SLG rocks… Once again, this is what we like to call “tech-house with soul”!!! Sort of like if Teddy Pendergrass started to make techno music… It feels so good to hear a “filter house” tune being so modern and so inspired!!! Without even using any original soul music samples, SLG manages to be so funky and gets this bass line and filter chords all the way up there….

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