Martini Brös

“Tracks From The Lab”

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Hürräy, the Brös are back! Since their brilliant second album „Love The Machines“ (pfrcd12/pfrlp12), the two singles „Love The Machine“ (pfr41) and „(She‘s) Heavy Metal“ (pfr49) and an extensive tour (all in 2004) Mike Vamp and Clé took almost no time off. after numerous projects the Märtini Brös recorded a new amazing double A-side EP for Poker Flat now! „Tracks From The Lab“ contains two freshly crafted Electro-Tech songs. „Darkroom“ is indeed as dark as it sounds, dominated by a super-deep synthie tone embedded in a finger clicking rhythm construction. The spoken word lyrics by Clé are about musical socialisation in the computer age and not to be mistaken with darkrooms - the sort we are familiar with in some clubs,„Joystick“ on the second a-side is a reduced electro-track with a bubbling bass-line and the typical Märtini Brös ingredients on a clubby advanced level.

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