Freeform Five

“Misch Masch Vol.2 - The Cd”

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CD1 - An eclectic journey through R n’ B, italo disco, punky house, electronica, house and electro. The tracklisting includes current gems from Plantlife, Pink Grease, Soulwax and Roman Flugel alongside classics from Aphex Twin and Funkadelic. You’ll also find some rare and hard to find gems by Breakwater (the track that Daft Punk sampled on ‘Robot Rock’), Comateens and The Impossible Dreamers.CD2 – The bonus disc includes 9 of FF5’s most sought after mixes including Elton John (personally approved by the man!), Mylo, Felix Da Housecat, Alter Ego, Nerd and Annie and the classic mixes of Isolee’s ‘Beau Mont Plage’ and ‘’. EXPORT RESTICTED TO BENELUX,FRANCE,UK,SPAIN, ITALY, CANADA

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