“Let The Rhythm Pump”

STILOVE4MUSIC02 scanZoom inLabelL(ove) F(or) M(usic)
Orders fromThu, 21 Jul 2005
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The new Love for Music offering takes us back down memory lane once more: this time not as far as part 1 - which was digging right at the roots of Deephouse by unearthing and editing some sweet philly disco - but back to one of the subgenres of early house music: HipHouse. virtually a dream combination as in those times house and hip-hop ruled supreme and in peaceful coexistence on every blockparty , yet soon this music suffered from a flood of weak MCs who couldn’t make it in the HipHop world ( cause in those long-gone times you first and foremost had to have Mic skills to make it big ) paired with cheesy Euro-style dance. naturally those Chicago based music connaisseurs behind Love for Music don’t fall for the phoney but lay their hands on one of the few gems right on par with best moments by KC Flight or Jungle Brothers. a spanking, pulsating house beat with unmatched old-school energy plus a bold MC hyping up the crowd in fine style - let the rhythm pump!

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