Mess It Up

“Chic Like You”

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After 485 U, hereīs another mysterious classic double A release now from berlinīs other musical side. last week we allowed ourselves to present some of that afterhours feel the city freely transports to any global expat with no money enough to stay in paris,london or even frankfurt ;) fair and excellent enough but this is different here. honestly folks, even at times who wouldnt prefer a splendid martini at 12midnight to sparkling wine on ice at 12 noon! amazing 2 tracker - the full on TECH HOP Mess it Up peaktime bumpty and forcefull contered by the Ubercool spine shivering Chic Like You - deeeep intelligently set bass , incredible shifting strings,heavenly contered organ, metallic drums, incredible faded strings -anthemlike vox - itīs all there! extradry and one the point this is is - Such a sexy show - if you know what we mean. produced by Germany’s finest and played since months, this has to be one our favourite re edit records of the year. Or is it an original? too bad that we will never now.

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