“No Compromise Mini Comp 2”

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The second installment of Contexterrior’s two part compilation rounds up both new and known faces. On the well known side sits mikael stavostrand who presents a funky bass heavy tune with sweet glitchy textures. The track is bound to destroy dance floors, but in contexterrior tradition is still all about the sub-bass and bleep. Sharing the A side is Akiko Kiyama who just happened to be the newest Contexterrior recruit. Akiko is classically trained and is living in Tokyo, Japan. She explores spurious, time stretched sounds while still keeping an eye on the a driving rhythm section and what sounds like free jazz broken melodies. Akiko is scheduled for quiet a few more releases in the near future starting with a versus EP with Peter Spiess. KSB’s “French Licker” is the first track on the B side. KSB are a due which we stole from the Tuning Spork Family Affair side of the house. This tune is deep , minimal and funky. “french licker” is all about suspense . The track melts like butter on hot toast. This one is for the heads while the future KSB on TSFA will be for everyone. Closing the EP is Peter Spiess. Peter is a name well familiar to contexterrior and textone.org fans. This one is a little preview into Peter’s forthcoming releases. The track itself is like a circus with dancing clowns and a “murder she wrote” mystery theme in the background. Peter assures us that no animals were hurt in the making of this track. All together 4 great tunes to round up the No Compromise compilation. Keeping it together and loving what we do for you.

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