Super Flu

“Switch Our Jumpers Ep”

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Get your kicks & clicks! After their latest successful EP “Wenn… Dann…” and numerous remixes, Tinitus Pärt and Mathias Schwarz a.k.a. Super Flu deliver the next big coup. Playful and straight at the same time, droughty while still fluid - Super Flu package an expertly created mixture of everything that rocks the dancefloor - once again! Deliberate tension curves and well placed effects, pumping beats and bubbling basslines give the “Switch our Jumpers - EP” a completely unique, fresh and firm character. “Hallo Zeit” initially shows up inconspicuous, but soon develops to a massy monster that puts its velvet coated claws above the floor - to captivate everybody. “Switch our Jumpers” though bites and lets you slip under another skin! Watch the world with new eyes, celebrate crunching synthesizers and fizzling hihats. Velvet turns to claw, water to sweat, gonna pitch one famous heyday!! - Super Flu at its best. The ensemble is topped off with Lars-Christian Müller´s remix of “Trashy Whore” which appears slightly more dusky and minimal. A vesture of faces enfolding reduced but complex-concise rhythms. Black gold - in the truest sense of the word!

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